"Employees, who like to contribute their talents, stay healthy" -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Occupational Health: "Employees, who like to contribute their talents, stay healthy"

Interview with Dr. Walter Komm

Dr. Walter Kromm, Master of Public Health, is not just a general practitioner, but also a health advisor for management professionals. During his many years of practical experience, he kept realizing how important employee health is for the health of an entire company. MEDICA.de spoke with him about basic needs in working life, fruit baskets and the power of management.


Photo: Walter Kromm

Dr. Walter Kromm ©private

Photo: Boss and employes

Always meeting people at the same eye level - that makes a good manager, according to Walter Kromm; © panthermedia.net/Edhar Yuralaits

Photo: Manager

A manager who gives his employees force simultaneously ensures the health of his company; ©panthermedia.net/ Pablo Scapinachis Armstrong

Photo: Michalina Chrzanowska; Copyright: B. Frommann

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