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News from the editors of MEDICA-tradefair.com

Patients weigh in on orthopedic surgeons' pay, reimbursement
Most patients do not think an orthopedic surgeon is overpaid but they greatly exaggerate how much a surgeon is reimbursed by Medicare for performing knee surgery, according to a study of patient perceptions by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
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Brand-new cochlear implant technology born from frictional electricity
DGIST Professor Hongsoo Choi (Department of Robotics Engineering) and his research team developed the world's first artificial basilar membrane that mimics the cochlear function by application of the genetic principle of frictional electricity.
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How does friendly fire happen in the pancreas?
In type 1 diabetes, the body attacks its own insulin-producing cells. Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München, partner in the German Center for Diabetes Research, and their colleagues at Technical University of Munich have now reported in the journal PNAS about a mechanism used by the immune system to prepare for this attack.
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Better diabetic foot disease care would save taxpayers billions
Australia could save billions of dollars in healthcare costs by investing in proven treatments for people with diabetic foot disease, according to QUT research.
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Computer simulation breaks virus apart to learn how it comes together
Researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University physicist Markus Deserno and University of Konstanz (Germany) chemist Christine Peter have developed a computer simulation that crushes viral capsids.
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Reshaping the future of global clinical trials practice
Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a new international guideline to help standardize how results from clinical trial studies are reported.
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Imaging technique maps serotonin activity in living brains
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that's partly responsible for feelings of happiness and for mood regulation in humans. This makes it a common target for antidepressants, which block serotonin from being reabsorbed by neurons after it has dispatched its signal, so more of it stays floating around the brain.
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Presence of certain oral bacterium in esophageal cancer samples associated with shorter survival
Bottom Line: Among Japanese patients with esophageal cancer, those whose cancer tested positive for DNA from the bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum had shorter cancer-specific survival compared with those whose cancer had no DNA from the bacterium.
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Study shows functional effects of human stem cell delivery to heart muscle after heart attack
Researchers delivered human stem cells seeded in biological sutures to the damaged heart muscles of rats following induced acute myocardial infarction and assessed the effects on cardiac function one week later.
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Tiny gold particles could be the key to developing a treatment for pancreatic cancer
A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is often a death sentence because chemotherapy and radiation have little impact on the disease. In the U.S. this year, some 53,000 new cases will be diagnosed, and 42,000 patients will die of the disease. But research now being reported in ACS Nano could eventually lead to a new type of treatment based on gold nanoparticles.
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Industry News

New Measurement Methods in Sports Performance Monitoring (Medica Sports Conference, 1:45pm)
Traditional, well-established performance diagnostic methods like spiroergometry and lactate diagnostics can only indicate systemic, mixed overall physical states but not the local current state of...
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Pioneering pressure mattress solutions to be showcased at MEDICA 2016
A UK company, who specialises in the development and manufacture of ‘zero pressure’ technology will be at MEDICA 2016 to showcase their full range of pioneering mattress solutions. Over the last few...
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Laborie selects Bedfont to expand their line of high quality gastroenterology products
Bedfont Scientific, medical device manufacturer in Maidstone, Kent, is proud to be supplying Laborie, as it lands another major OEM deal, opening up more overseas markets. Laborie, an international...
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A new Managing Director to continue the family approach for Bedfont®
At Bedfont’s 40th year in business celebrations, Jason Smith was announced as Manging Director, succeeding his father, Trevor, who becomes Chairman. Bedfont Scientific Ltd, based in Harrietsham,...
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Miele Professional at Medica 2016
New large steam sterilisers add a 'fourth dimension to reprocessing' Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, October 24, 2016. – Visitors to Miele Professional's stand at Medica are set to experience a new dimension in...
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No more needles: A new and improved GastroCH4ECK™ to help detect gastrointestinal disorders via breath analysis
Bedfont® Scientific, Kent, launches their new GastroCH4ECK™ Gastrolyzer® at the United European Gastroenterology Week 2016 Bedfont® Scientific has specialised in the design and manufacture of exhaled...
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Absolute Antibody announce licensing of 45 monoclonal antibodies from the Medical Research Council for recombinant manufacture.
Absolute Antibody and the Medical Research Council (MRC) have finalized a license agreement covering 45 antibody clones. Over the coming year Absolute Antibody will be sequencing these clones and...
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Homer – Home rehabilitation system rewarded with SME instrument
Kinestica has been awarded by SME instrument grant to introduce Homer – a project aiming to develop affordable and widely accessible home rehabilitation system. By ranking among top 5 % of the EU SMEs...
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PRESS RELEASE: ‘Health information exchange must be centralized around the patient.’
PRESS RELEASE: October 26, 2016 Topics: Health Information Exchange, MEDICA 2016, Information & Communications Technology Fenestrae joins the Holland Pavilion at MEDICA 2016. ‘Health information...
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NEW: BELSANA comfortis
Modern compression stockings with feel-good factor - ultra-soft material: achieves maximum wearing comfort and feels particularly pleasant to the skin - comfort zones in the foot area and in the...
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Preoperative rehabilitation: Fit for surgery

Preoperative rehabilitation is gaining importance in medicine. It helps to prepare patients for upcoming treatments and surgeries, thereby reducing risks and complications during surgery and making faster rehabilitation possible.
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Hemodialysis: Creating the AV fistula using catheters

For many patients, the start of hemodialysis marks the lifelong dependency on needing their blood purified. But before they can actually begin treatments, a blood vessel in the patient's arm needs to be enlarged to where it can move enough blood and withstand being connected to the dialysis machine several times per week.
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A new broom sweeps clean? The new EU Medical Device Regulation

The year 2016 brings about the new, eagerly anticipated Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The revision needs to now be implemented by all EU member states in the coming years after there have been ongoing deliberations and negotiations since October 2012.
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