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News from the editors of MEDICA-tradefair.com

Termination of lethal arrhythmia with light
A research team from the University of Bonn has succeeded for the first time in using light stimuli to stop life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia in mouse hearts. Furthermore, as shown in computer simulations at Johns Hopkins University, this technique could also be used successfully for human hearts.
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Gaming for gut research
You may not think of yourself in this way - but in some ways your body is just a host for hundreds of trillions of microbes (including bacteria) that colonize us in fairly unique combinations in our guts, inside our various orifices and on the surface of our skin. These tiny creatures are essential to our survival - we could not digest anything without them, for instance.
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Mobile device detects irregular heartbeats
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a mobile app and thumb-size device that help to prevent cerebral infarctions at an early stage, during asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. The mobile device, which detects arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) has been tested with excellent results for around two years in real-life conditions in cooperation with Turku University Central Hospital.
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Contraceptives: Deaths from ovarian cancer decline worldwide
Deaths from ovarian cancer fell worldwide between 2002 and 2012 and are predicted to continue to decline in the USA, European Union (EU) and, though to a smaller degree, in Japan by 2020, according to new research published in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology.
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Development of textiles with a sensory cooling effect
As part of a research project, scientists at the Hohenstein Institute in Boennigheim have been developing and investigating a textile finish that provides a sensory cooling effect. This textile finish has a lasting mild cooling effect and it is especially useful for example, when treating sports injuries, or after insect bites or for other therapeutic purposes.
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Children: antibiotic exposure associated with food allergy risk
Antibiotic treatment within a child's first year of life may wipe out more than an unwanted infection: exposure to the drugs is associated with an increase in food allergy diagnosis, new research from the University of South Carolina suggests.
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The "MeBot" robotic wheelchair can climb steps on its own
Pittsburgh-based Human Engineering Research Lab (HERL) has developed the first ever robotic wheelchair - the MeBot - capable of climbing steps and mounting curbs on its own. The innovation came up against other systems at the first Cybathlon, which will take place at ETH Zürich in Kloten, Switzerland on October 8.
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Gap in the market for wearables that monitor sedentary behavior
Sedentary behavior monitoring is under-represented in the wearable tech market, a new study has found. Wearable technology to monitor the time you spend being sedentary could encourage changes in behavior that helps improve health, research reveals.
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Software helps to find out why "jumping genes" are activated
Jumping genes, so-called transposons, reproduce as parasites in the genome. This selfish behavior can be an evolutionary advantage for the organism or harm it. There is still a debate about the factors controlling the activity of transposons.
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Increased risk of pneumococcal pneumonia with hospital admission
A study shows that adults admitted to hospital during school holidays are 38 percent more likely to have pneumococcal community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) than those admitted during term time.
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Industry News

MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum presentation (Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 5:00pm-5:20pm)
Jenax will be presenting the details of the revolutionary flexible battery, J.Flex, Please come and join us to learn how you can craft your energy!
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Paramax Diagnostics released new B12 Pmax CLIA assay
In Paramax Diagnostics Inc. we provide B12 Pmax CLIA which is a quantitative determination of Vitamin B12 concentration in human serum by a microplate chemiluminescence method for use in clinical...
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Recognized the best Spanish startups in 9 categories of StartUp Europe Awards 2016 – Startup Olé
The 9 winning startups from all over Spain are: Ecoche, WaynaBox, BeOnPrice, Human Surge, eKuore , TubEnergy, Komilibro, Apsu, and Discomon- KienMou. The selected startups will represent Spain in the...
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Degree of individualisation can be chosen for sophisticated normative systems
The expert focuses on an individual approach: In addition to the local expertise, the process entry and the service depth can be chosen for all the phases of the product development process -...
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Customer-specific technology for intuitive instrument control
The development of customer-specific HMI solutions in the normative areas of medicine as well as analysis technology, bio technology and laboratory technology requires many years of experience. With...
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Univet wins, for the second year in a row, the Red Dot Award
Univet wins, for the second year in a row, the Red Dot Award: The surgery magnifying model “One” the magnification system of the range “Loupes”, wins the Red Dot Design Award 2016 in the category “...
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Dunkermotoren website with new design
As of the end of June the Dunkermotoren website now appears with a new design. The site features a new, fresh look which goes well with the corporate philosophy. The new navigational structure makes...
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How strong are your muscles!
MD Diagnostics Ltd for MEDICA 2016 will be showcasing its respiratory muscle testing devices. This test requires you to blow in as hard as you can and to breathe out as hard as you can. The pressure...
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Video: 400 ARBOR health terminals project win the best French innovation in public sector award!!!
Tactilis project, supported by Saint-Lô and Coutances Hospitals director Mr Lugbull, consists in installing a new solution for patient comfort and health services optimization in about 400 rooms. This...
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Zeronitec PURE series Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
ZERONITEC is dedicated to manufacturing and researching infection control industry products, and supplying high quality product to partners and customers all over the world. Zeronitec PURE-series Low...
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T5 Career Forum – Combating the Skills Shortage

In cooperation with the T5 KarrierePortal, this year marks the first time the T5 Career Forum will take place at the MEDICA trade fair. Here, future specialists and managers meet prospective employers in a condensed setting.
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Hemodialysis: Creating the AV fistula using catheters

For many patients, the start of hemodialysis marks the lifelong dependency on needing their blood purified. But before they can actually begin treatments, a blood vessel in the patient's arm needs to be enlarged to where it can move enough blood and withstand being connected to the dialysis machine several times per week.
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Interoperability: secure network connections

Computers do not just need a common language to communicate with each other. Their conversations also need to be secure when they transfer medical data for example. Yet there are still many different systems by various providers in the health care system that are not able to properly communicate with each other. The solution is called interoperability.
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